Vision and Objectives

In serving the needs of its members, the Association has conceptualised its Vision as follows:

To build the ITE Alumni Association into a Recognised Organisation, well-accepted by ITE Graduates for its Commitment to the Professional Development of Members and Enhancement of Technical Training.”

The objectives of the Association, consistent with its Vision, are:

  • To promote closer ties, professional interests and networking among members;
  • To promote and organise educational, social, cultural, sporting, recreational and civic activities for members;
  • To promote closer links between members and their alma mater; and
  • To promote the importance and recognition of technical skills.

Besides playing a key role in helping to support the professional and social developmental needs of ITE graduates through it many programmes and activities, the Association also provides a formal channel for ITE graduates to contribute towards their alma mater (ITE) and strengthen pride and social cohesion amongst themselves. Members of the Association are also able to provide views and feedback on technical education and related issues as well as fraternize or network for mutual gains. The Association is, thus, a significant and beneficial organisation for ITE graduates, numbering more than 150,000 since 1973, to take up membership.