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Ordinary Membership

ITE Alumni Association ordinary membership is open to all graduates who have successfully completed a course of study and acquired a formal technical/skill qualification from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and its predecessor organizations/institutions.

List of predecessor organisations

  • Vocational & Industrial Training Board (VITB)
  • Industrial Training Board (ITB)
  • Precision Engineering Institute (PEI)
  • Government Training Centres (GTC)
  • Singapore Technical Institute (STI)
  • National Institute of Commerce (NIC)
  • Vocational Institutes (VI)

Trainees and part-time students must have undergone and completed a formal course of study and attained the equivalent of a full Nitec/Higher Nitec/Master Nitec or NTC/ITC/CBS/Trade/Craft certificate in order to be eligible to apply for Ordinary membership.

Those who have attained their technical/skill qualification through the Public Trade Test System are not eligible to apply for Ordinary membership.

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Associate Membership

Open to individuals who are, in the opinion of the Association’s Management Committee, able to contribute to and further the objectives of the Association.

Admission to ITE Alumni Association as members is at the sole discretion of the Management Committee.

Membership of the Association is not transferable.